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The grasshopper and the fly

One of these awkword moments when actually feel I need to say a word about my image. Do I? Probalby! I have participated in Mrsupoles Theme Thursday on five occasions before this one and at three times I wrote quite a few words.

Green is todays topic. And I which is a pretty talented nature photographer, if one might brag, should surely be able to find something on that theme? Damn hard I would say. The thing is, English is not my native language, so green for me might mean the color green or green as in something growing.

I have seen weeds starting to spur, greyish buds on trees and tiny white blossoms on the ground… but nothing really green. Therefore I offer a bit of my childish nature in form of a green plastic grasshopper sitting on a green succulent with sharp thorns. I have a fly to… sitting on a Mother-in-laws chusion.

Todays lesson for those who did not know: You will not be older than you make yourself .
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