A forest near by


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As an aged photo


Findus 2012-07-17

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Ps. I first added a antique filter in the free editing-software PhotoScape and finished it off with some color adjustments in PS Elements. Ds.

Double rainbow

It would be an understatement to say that I didn´t love to take pictures.

When it comes to subjects, as some of you probably have noticed, I prefer tiny things… from cats to microscopic plants. And sometimes I take pictures of things in a larger perspective either to convey a feeling or just to depict something.

And sometimes the result is not at all what I had in mind and those images are ideal to use for tweaking. For the second week in a row it is time to be creative, I hope you all join in.
Joining:The Creative Playroom

High humidity on a summer morning

I want to believe that more people than I have followed Nature Footsteps BildVerkstad over the years. A blog that I’ve seen as a forum for creative photography and digital art has now been closed. But those who want to continue to be creative has been given the opportunity in a new BlogHop.

Today I am joining: The Creative Artroom