The grasshopper and the fly

One of these awkword moments when actually feel I need to say a word about my image. Do I? Probalby! I have participated in Mrsupoles Theme Thursday on five occasions before this one and at three times I wrote quite a few words.

Green is todays topic. And I which is a pretty talented nature photographer, if one might brag, should surely be able to find something on that theme? Damn hard I would say. The thing is, English is not my native language, so green for me might mean the color green or green as in something growing.

I have seen weeds starting to spur, greyish buds on trees and tiny white blossoms on the ground… but nothing really green. Therefore I offer a bit of my childish nature in form of a green plastic grasshopper sitting on a green succulent with sharp thorns. I have a fly to… sitting on a Mother-in-laws chusion.

Todays lesson for those who did not know: You will not be older than you make yourself .
Joining: Theme Thursday


New pair of specs…

I have worn glasses for over 25 years because I have astigmatism in my eyes.

A couple of years ago I began to see poorly even at close range and had to get a second pair of glasses. Am I old? I don´t feel old, and nicely age is but a number.

Anyway, vision deteriorates and therefor there is a need to check the eyesight every second year or so. When necessity so requires… kindly open the wallet and spend a fortune on new specs.

Utensils you need to function normally , things  as wheelchairs, guide dogs and glasses should not be expensive… imagine all those who do not have a income. Must lobby for that later.

Here´s my new glasses… red and green.





The prompted word for this weeks Theme Thursday  is enduring. Had to check up the meaning of this word, enduring, and as most words it means more than one thing. Mrsupole is absoloutely right, there are lots and lots around me that is enduring or has endured through time and I think I just found the right picture to illustrate it.


The earth itself is the most enduring although through time influenced by both forces of nature, people and animals.

Once upon a time there was ever a time when all people on earth thought the earth was flat. Galileo Galilei was condemned to house arrest for entertaining the notion that the earth revolved around the sun, and denounced as an heretic. Now we know this heresy is true, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Since man came into the world, science is a permanent phenomenon, even if the scientific findings have changed over time.

Today, there are millions of people living on earth. Communication is the key that makes it possible for so many people to interact, through images, words and speech. I think everyone saw that my picture depicts a globe.

But it is not just a glob, it is a decoration on a bookcase. Thanks to literature, we know more about our history than we had done if  literature did not exist. Praised be he who invented the art of printing.

Blast from the past

Om man är inne på den gamla kyrkogården i Hamrånge, som idag är en minneslund, ska man passa på att snegla åt väst. Den syn man möter då är en vacker stenbro med valv omsorgsfullt lagd av genuina hantverkare för många, många år sedan. Lite fascinerande tycker jag allt det är att man kan lägga stenar i valv som sedan kan bära stora tyngder, om omsorgsfullt lagt, i hundratals år. En betongbro vittrar ju som bekant med tiden och måste restaureras för eller senare medan naturstenen är ett nästan evigt byggnadsmaterial. Tänk om sådana här föremål kunde tala…

If you’re visiting the old cemetery in Hamrånge, which is now a memorial park, you should take the opportunity to glance to the west. The sight encountered is a beautiful stone bridge with arches carefully laid by genuine craftsmen for many, many years ago. Somewhat fascinating I think it is that you can put stones in arches which then can carry large weights, if carefully made​​, for hundreds of years. A concrete bridge crumbles as we know with time and must be restored sooner or later, while natural stone is an almost eternal building material. Think if these objects could talk…