When you live in a country that has a changeable weather during the year, you find that all the different seasons have their own charm.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

During the winter I plan what to grow in my vegetable garden. At springtime I plant the seeds that require a long time to develop…like celery and chilies, and enjoy watching the seeds sprout.

At springtime I spend hours in the garden cleaning up the autumn’s fallen leaves, and even more hours watching nature come to life… and gazing at migratory birds stopping by.

I appreciate the warmer days when it is possible to hang laundry outdoors to dry. This image look quite cold though. What to expect when the sun yet not have gone up and the temperature is below zero? That is what happens when you do not take the laundry in the evening before sundown.


I’m also fond of cooking so it becomes something special when in the spring and the barbeque-season start. Yesterday I grilled up a few lamb steaks with vegetables, yummie to my tummy.


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The parish church

I am baptized and I live by the ten commandments but I am not among those who go to church for worship. Whenever I visit our parish church, or any other for that matter, I do it because I think it is a tranquil place carrying a history.

The history of my home district warms my heart and so does this church whose history began more than five centuries ago.

160323 Kyrkan

This church were built between the years 1847-1851 in order to replace a church built in the Middle Ages. The old medieval church were located on clay soil and had cracks and were difficult to maintain and therefor the parish decided back in the 1840`s to give up to preserve it and build a new bigger church up on a hill.  When they built the new church they used stones from the old church as building material and you can actually see some of these stones as a foundation on which the whole Church rests. Imagine the story they carry, not to say christening font from the 1200th century that is among the inventories.

As you probably understand, the Church has gotten modernized with electric heating and WC and renovations have been made over the years. Last time the church got refurbished was last year, new paint on walls and cross and supervision of windows.

Isn´t it a lovely building?

Below you can see the southern wing of the church that actually is visible now when they have trimmed down the trees.


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All cats angel

My dear friends in cyberspace who occasionally visit my blog know that I have three lovely family members with four feet each, namely Findus, Louis and Teddy. They also know that I photograph them on a daily basis, like so much else.

They have also realized that I understand English well though it is not my native language, my mother tongue is Swedish.

But I´m pretty sure they do not know is that I occasionally entertain myself with different kinds of handcrafts involving wood or textile, like patchwork for instance.

This piece I used to call ”All cats angel” when I made it some years back.
110905 Kattavla

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My camera collection

By coincidence, I happened to see that Jenny Matlock who previously held Alphabe-Thursday has started a new BlogHop named Warm Heart Wednesday. An adventure that is all about the little things in life that makes your heart warm.

My cameras and the images they create, is something that warms my heart every day. I share images daily but rarely talk about my cameras, although I know that many people are curious about the cameras used. Therefore, I invite you on a historical walk.

Most of my cameras are black and white in appearance, therefore this will also be my contribution to this weeks The Weekend in Black and White.

The analog era

My photo career started when I was less than ten years old. Unfortunately, I no longer have my first camera. But this picture of a camera I bought at a flea market can illustrate the start of my photo career. My first camera was a Pocket Instamatic 200 with a 110 cartridge .


At the age of fifteen, I got a new compact camera for 135mm film. When I approached my twenties, I took the step over to the SLR world. At that time I photographed a lot of black and white and developed the images myself in a darkroom.

The digital era

Thirteen years ago, I got a digital camera as a birthday present from my parents and siblings. You may believe that the move from analog to digital felt strange at first.

As years passed I bought new cameras every now and then.  Last I used the compact Samsung camera was last fall when I went to Greece, amazing battery life. Just watch the images tagged Greece and you´ll find out that this camera is still holding.

Today I switch between using a digital SLR and a compact camera with a large zoom range. Some day in the future maybe I can afford to by a lens for shooting at long distances. But until then, I use two cameras.

And this camera that actually is fully functional I bought just for fun. Smaller than a matchbox it is.


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