Behind the scenes sits I, Maria Wijk, born and raised on the countryside in Sweden.

I like to amuse myself with creative things. Activities such as cooking, photography and blogging. I maintain two blogs, this one that is dedicated to photography and then a mood board with focus on health, food and cooking.

My photography is all about making time marks. I capture moments that last a few seconds and then turn into history. Selected pictures I upload and attach to my electronic bulletin board, ie here on Aktuella bilder. I always scale down my images and mark them with my name before upload.

Images presented in this blog are mine and I don’t want them to be used, either for private use or commercial, without personal request and written approval. Of course I´m delighted if anyone likes what they see, don´t hesitate to make contact.


This photo was edited by using the free online editor PhotoMania.


Last update: 2016-03-19


5 thoughts on “About

    • Tack ska du ha. Börjar så sakteliga vänja mig med ny adminpanel och ett som annat, så får man sitta och bolla lite och testa sig fram så känner jag mig nog snart hemma med det nya.

  1. Your site is beautiful , i’ve been to sweden in Lindvallen for a ski trip… i love the place and the people are so warm and approachable…

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