When you live in a country that has a changeable weather during the year, you find that all the different seasons have their own charm.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

During the winter I plan what to grow in my vegetable garden. At springtime I plant the seeds that require a long time to develop…like celery and chilies, and enjoy watching the seeds sprout.

At springtime I spend hours in the garden cleaning up the autumn’s fallen leaves, and even more hours watching nature come to life… and gazing at migratory birds stopping by.

I appreciate the warmer days when it is possible to hang laundry outdoors to dry. This image look quite cold though. What to expect when the sun yet not have gone up and the temperature is below zero? That is what happens when you do not take the laundry in the evening before sundown.


I’m also fond of cooking so it becomes something special when in the spring and the barbeque-season start. Yesterday I grilled up a few lamb steaks with vegetables, yummie to my tummy.


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4 thoughts on “Springtime

  1. Hi Maria ~~ The changing seasons are to marvel at. I remember hanging out laundry and having it freeze on the line. I think Mom’s did that also. It’s been a long time since we did that as we live in the South (States).


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