The parish church

I am baptized and I live by the ten commandments but I am not among those who go to church for worship. Whenever I visit our parish church, or any other for that matter, I do it because I think it is a tranquil place carrying a history.

The history of my home district warms my heart and so does this church whose history began more than five centuries ago.

160323 Kyrkan

This church were built between the years 1847-1851 in order to replace a church built in the Middle Ages. The old medieval church were located on clay soil and had cracks and were difficult to maintain and therefor the parish decided back in the 1840`s to give up to preserve it and build a new bigger church up on a hill.  When they built the new church they used stones from the old church as building material and you can actually see some of these stones as a foundation on which the whole Church rests. Imagine the story they carry, not to say christening font from the 1200th century that is among the inventories.

As you probably understand, the Church has gotten modernized with electric heating and WC and renovations have been made over the years. Last time the church got refurbished was last year, new paint on walls and cross and supervision of windows.

Isn´t it a lovely building?

Below you can see the southern wing of the church that actually is visible now when they have trimmed down the trees.


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5 thoughts on “The parish church

  1. Some churches have a great though hard and struggling history. It certainly is warming that the churc has survived and hopefully multiplied in number.
    Our church will be a year old in May. For Easter services we had a little over 5000 in attendance. With four services som may have attended more than once. But they all had the same sermon and communion, starting at Friday noon and ending Sunday evening.
    We went Friday noon and attended a different church on Sunday.

  2. I can’t help but wonder how long it took them to build that beautiful church. It couldn’t have been easy back then with none of the building equipment we have today. Such a beautiful building.


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