My camera collection

By coincidence, I happened to see that Jenny Matlock who previously held Alphabe-Thursday has started a new BlogHop named Warm Heart Wednesday. An adventure that is all about the little things in life that makes your heart warm.

My cameras and the images they create, is something that warms my heart every day. I share images daily but rarely talk about my cameras, although I know that many people are curious about the cameras used. Therefore, I invite you on a historical walk.

Most of my cameras are black and white in appearance, therefore this will also be my contribution to this weeks The Weekend in Black and White.

The analog era

My photo career started when I was less than ten years old. Unfortunately, I no longer have my first camera. But this picture of a camera I bought at a flea market can illustrate the start of my photo career. My first camera was a Pocket Instamatic 200 with a 110 cartridge .


At the age of fifteen, I got a new compact camera for 135mm film. When I approached my twenties, I took the step over to the SLR world. At that time I photographed a lot of black and white and developed the images myself in a darkroom.

The digital era

Thirteen years ago, I got a digital camera as a birthday present from my parents and siblings. You may believe that the move from analog to digital felt strange at first.

As years passed I bought new cameras every now and then.  Last I used the compact Samsung camera was last fall when I went to Greece, amazing battery life. Just watch the images tagged Greece and you´ll find out that this camera is still holding.

Today I switch between using a digital SLR and a compact camera with a large zoom range. Some day in the future maybe I can afford to by a lens for shooting at long distances. But until then, I use two cameras.

And this camera that actually is fully functional I bought just for fun. Smaller than a matchbox it is.


Joining: Warm Heart Wednesday and The Weekend in Black and White


10 thoughts on “My camera collection

  1. Very interesting how your cameras have evolved. I wish I could take beautiful photos. I’m envious of people like you that take such nice photos. I figure the problem is me and not the camera…although a new camera might help a little.

  2. Thank you, Maria, for bringing back memories. This was so very nice. I, and probably most of us, have experienced a similar trek. But most of us don’t still have many of them. I do have my first, a 127mm Dick Tracy camera.

  3. This made me think of all the cameras I’ve had over the years – from a Brownie to an Instamatic to SLR. I can see that your cameras and the world you can record warm your heart.

  4. I started my photography adventures with an old 110 also. Brings back some good memories of horrible pictures of squirrels. LOL What a fun post!


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