Buddha oil lamp

Yoga is not something new even if it has become trendy during the later years. The yoga originates from ancient India, and can shortly be described as the practice of physical, mental and spiritual excersises were the goal is the attainment of spiritual insight. The word is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. This buddha statue I inherited a while back is by far the most unique oil lamp in my collection.


6 thoughts on “Buddha oil lamp

  1. Oh gosh! You collect oil lamps! That’s such a cool thing to do. I don’t think I know of anyone else who does that. You Buddha lamp is most unique. How nice that it comes with memories, as I assume it does because you inherited it.

  2. What a beautiful buddha.

    I was thinking along these lines the other day…I think some of the uber-fit uber-health-nut young people think they invented yoga. They consider themselves so current and trendy it makes me smile to think they are fans of this ancient exercise!

    Thanks for a wonderful link for the letter ‘Y’.



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